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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rotten Android OS Upgrade

Lately I had no choice but to update My Droid X with a Mandatory Android OS upgrade.  I'm not sure whether this is a Google, Motorola or a Verizon required update thing,  but it sucks.

Although The interface looks better at first glance, it completely fails to impress.  I wish I could downgrade and return to the old system, since all the prettying-up now drains the battery much faster, with stupid stuttering animations for effect that slow down the system and black text on white menus.

I am actually ticked off.  I used to be able to send calls directly to Voicemail in the contacts section (harassment calls, telemarketing spammers and scammers, etc, when I am listed on the National Do Not Call List).

Although there are now rudimentary cursor controls, they still suck and I miss having easy-to-use cursor keys.

Needless to say, I am not happy.  The camera no longer works right on either my Droid X, or on My wife's Droid X.  This is an extremely rudimentary function that I expect to work all the time and it never did, but the camera is totally screwed-up now.

I'm planning on going down to Verizon to complain and see if there is anyway to get back to the old version.

I mean, this is crap, neither My wife nor I have a functional camera, and with these big screens these Droid X's already drain the stupid battery way too fast, why speed up the process?  And now I have no way to avoid spam/scam and harassing phone calls?!

Argh!  This OS upgrade SUCKS.