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Monday, June 27, 2016

Samsung Just Sucks (No Loyalty) and Life with the Note 2

I grabbed a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when the contract on my Droid X ran out.  My wife, son and mother all grabbed the Samsung Galaxy S3.

When it came time to renew our Verizon contract again, I was happy with the Note 2 and decided to wait for the Note 5 instead of upgrading to the 4 right away.  The rest of my family upgraded their S3 to an S6 as soon as that came out, despite my warnings against the S6 because of the advanced model's advanced limitations.

I never did upgrade to the Galaxy Note 5 for the same reason, apparently Samsung decided to get stupid and offer 4K UHD recording, but offered absolutely no SDCard or removable media of any kind in the hopes that we would purchase cloud space from them or others, and get reamed with data charges.  I honestly think it was a conspiracy between Google and Verizon that created this idiocy.

Nevertheless, my family upgraded to the Galaxy S6 and I waited around for the Note 5.  But the Note 5 didn't have an SDCard slot, either.  It was as much of a piece of crap as the S6.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Note 2, and I still would if the technology wasn't getting old.  The screen is just barely big enough so that I am not constantly making typos with my big fingers on the tiny software keyboard, yet small enough to get it in my pocket.  I can spot stuff without having to put my reading glasses on, as long as I'm not reading an email, or web page.  I can actually get away with reading short bits of info.  As I often use my phone top read full email texts, I am better off with them, but I do hate fishing for and wearing glasses.

But now that the technology is 4 years old, the Galaxy Note 2 is definitely showing its age.  The biggest issue actually comes from Google, now.  The Google Play, Google Hangouts and Google+ apps are all crashing, constantly.  Everytime I pick-up the phone, even just to answer a phone call, I am getting notifications that at least one or more of these apps have stopped.  I have 2 options, report it or continue.  I am so tired of reporting these apps, so Google knows.  Yet, they just keep crashing and every dozenth time or so, I report it and complain.

Samsung lets my family down over and over, Google constantly lets me down and annoys me.  Yet, I have searched for a decent phone and can't really find anything.  The LG G10 was a possibility, and I am still considering it, but now the Note 7 (Samsung decided in its infinite wisdom to skip the Note 6 designation) is only a short way from release on August 2nd, I think.

Of course, now the issue is that my wife is upset that her S6 memory is filled-up and the battery doesn't last long at all.  She's upset that my son is deleting photos just to get the Gallery app to run because there's no memory available.  And he's going to be driving soon, so with the extra cost of insurance, guess who might not be able to upgrade his now problematic Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to a Note 7 to offset the extra cost of his insurance?

Thanks, Samsung.  You obviously are not a very intelligent corporation when you are sending me upgrades that make Google apps useless.  We bought a Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy and they said the model we bought wouldn't fit through the door, so they delivered the same model without the middle drawer, and we wound-up with the wrong thing altogether (we bought it for that feature and you couldn't make it skinny enough to go through the damn door)?

I bought a 2014 Samsung SmartTV and a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 together so that I could control the HDTV with my tablet as a remote and 6 months later you dropped the app and I can no longer control that 2014 SmartTV because even third party remote controls won't work with 2014 SmartTVs (2013 and older, or 2015 and newer, but not 2014 Samsung SmartTVs).

Here, we have purchased 7 Samsung phones (although we are still paying off 3 of them), 1 referigerator, 1 tablet and 1 not-so-smartTV, all of them Samsung, demonstrating a very unique brand loyalty, but you don't stand behind your products, you feed us crap and pull switcheroos on us.

The question of loyalty, Samsung, is yours.  We have been purchasing your flagship products and gotten screwed.  I guess its time to get the LG and switch loyalties.

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