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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Impossible to Return

This Note 7 crap is so stupid.

Neither of my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (the original I received, nor the replacement) has caught fire, exploded or even gotten hot.  I mean, not in the slightest.  It's hard for me to understand the issue at all, it's barely warm once I remove it from the charger.  All my other phones have been much. much hotter almost all the time.

I feel that I am being punished for wanting the very best phone on earth.  There is nothing wrong with my phone, and almost everything is right about it.

Sure, there are some curiously idiotic flaws to address...
  1. The note platform is meant for note taking and individual creativity.  But the curved edge surfaces are completely unreliable writing surfaces acting as an obstacle, a problem doubled with no touch sensitivity.
    • The curves are more like speed bumps, disallowing freeform drawing, sketching, painting or note-taking.
    • It is absolutely impossible to write to the edge of the screen (so that artists cannot digitally use the whole canvas in drawing or photo editing apps).
  2. Because of the first obvious flaw, one would think that this second flaw would not exist by giving the user an option to have the traditional Note flat screen (for function), but no, Samsung decided that it was more important to be pretty, so for the first time ever, we don't get to decide which one we want, and we have form (over function).
  3. The curved glass makes it impossible to apply Gorilla glass, or any tempered glass protector that will work.  Which wouldn't be a big deal, if the screen glass was gorilla glass already, but it's not.
  4. The SIM card shares the same cradle as the microSDcard, so when removing or changing out the microSDcard to plug it into your PC and download the photos, your phone is incapable of receiving or making phone calls.
  5. In order to unlock the microSDcard tray to remove or replace it, you have to carry around a special key. I put it on my key chain (makes sense, right?). Except for the fact that when I reach into my pocket to grab my keys, I am often poking myself with that key (right under the fingernail too, OUCH).  Guess what?  My part-time job is as a delivery driver, and I am constantly going for the keys in my pocket.
Of course, I need a smartphone for all of my jobs, as well as my businesses and self employment.  But I have been in and out of the Verizon store (pictured just below) so many times that it is ridiculous.

I have decided I needed to turn the phone in, even though I don't want to, but only because if it ever did catch fire in a public place, I might get sued.  

But, I can't return it...  

I was at Verizon a week ago getting answers to my questions.  I still had a couple of Galaxy Note 7 cases that I had to return to Best Buy, as Verizon wasn't going to reimburse me for them.  And there is the matter of the fast Samsung wireless charger stand I am not sure whether I will return or not.

This weekend, I purchased a used Samsung Galaxy Note 3 through Swappa.  I hope to receive it, soon.  I also went to the Geek app, Amazon and other online shopping sites and bought a bunch of Note 3 accessories, like screen protectors and cases, even a Qi charger and pad, extra battery chargers and a new battery.  All because I will not be without a real Note platform phone (and the Note 3 was actually the last real Note, though the 4 was good, I won't be able to replace the battery easily in the older Note 4 phones, so I chose the Note 3).

But, I still need that camera that I upgraded my previous old Note for.  Yup, that 4K UHD recording, super sharp high resolution photography kind of camera.  So, I'll grab a Google Pixel.  

There, I've decided.  I went back to the store yesterday and told them so.  They won't take the phone.  

They won't take the phone back.  Now, last week, they would've taken it back, but I had some big decisions to make.  I am going to be tied to the next phone I get for at least two years.  And there just isn't anything like the Note.

I have had messages telling me to take the phone back to my carrier.  Verizon is my carrier.  I pre-ordered my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at this store.  I gave-up my Note 7 at this store.  I received my replacement Note 7 at this store.  

I was told to go online to the Verizon website and sign-up for the recall.  I did.  But I can't make modifications to my account, because my wife, the account owner that is paying this bill, hasn't made me an account manager.  

So, we log into her account on her phone in the My Verizon app.  But that doesn't let us do anything, and we are constantly having to re-login even though we have "Remember Me" checked when we log in.  Its just strange.  Who thought of this inept UI?

Yet, according to the FAQ that we keep getting sent the link to, I have to go to my carrier retailer where I purchased the Galaxy Note7, the Verizon Wireless store where I not only pre-ordered the thing, but also replaced the Note7.

So, I will go to the store when they open later today, and maybe they can get me squared-away.  I realize that I'm supposed to be sent a fire-proof box with fire-proof gloves... how dramatic.  But this thing works fine.  It's even cool to the touch.  

Certainly, the problem isn't the battery.  It is more likely some screw-up in the assembly.  One has to wonder if some joker decided they would add a little scrap of metal shaving somewhere just to make the short-out happen.  

But this is a sickening migraine headache.  I have a life.  I have been back and forth to the Verizon store 7 times in pursuit of securing a Samsung Galaxy Note7, and I can't get the job done, as if I keep it I am setting myself up for liability issues, even higher insurance rates.  And if I could keep it without those worries, I would, only now I have returned the 2 Note7 cases that I bought and will never be able to replace them because no one will sell the Note 7, ever again.

This doesn't take into the account all the online research I have had to do to find an acceptable replacement for my primary phone (that I just bought and did all sorts of research on, yet settled for anyway).  Anything good hasn't been released to the market, yet.

I can't win.  And it is Samsung that has betrayed my loyalty by making me return the thing.  So, no thank you, Samsung, you traitor.  I was dealing with all your lack of vision, and trying to be happy anyway, but there is nothing out there that compares to the Note.  So I'll pre-order the Google Pixel XL 128 GB and just be happy with the best camera, and hope that my used Note 3 gets here soon in good condition, as described.

On top of that, I will steer the rest of my family away from ever buying Samsung products again.  By taking away my Note 7, I will guarantee you that when it comes time for my wife, son and mother to upgrade from their current Galaxy S6 phones, it won't be to a Samsung device.  I think they will like the iPhone more and more, or perhaps they will like my Google Pixel XL.  But never a Samsung, ever again.  Not even a new Samsung TV, tablet or camera will enter this house, now.

Samsung, you have spit all over my loyalty.  Goodbye!