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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mini: Miniature Electronics Stuff You Cannot Find Elsewhere

MiniInTheBox (aka: Mini) is a great resource for all kinds of things that you just can't find elsewhere. While yes, this is a Chinese supplier, I have had great luck with them so far.  Check out the following spring coiled USB cable:

Spring Coiled USB 2.0 Male to Micro USB Data/Sync/Charger Cable (1M, Black)
Spring Coiled USB 2.0 Male to Micro USB Data/Sync/Charger Cable (1M, Black)

You just can't find these things in the US, and believe me, I looked. I have used this cord to power a dash cam, to charge up my Note 3 and extra battery in a charging dock, and to transfer photos and video files over from the from the Note 3.

Here is the review I wrote on the site:

"Looks and works good. It is a little shorter than I expected, and that is because it is all coiled up. But it is perfect for what I need, though you should know that the coils are actually quite strong so extended it could put some pressure on one connector or the other, pulling an end out. But I only need it to go a short ways, so it is absolutely perfect. Plus I am sure that over time the coils would settle into which ever tension it was used at."

Once you order a couple different lengths of these, you will know which one to order according to individual application for the length you need.

Now, granted, that cable is a short one.  I happen to like that, because I am just using it with my Note 3 dock or my dash cam.  But, based on its performance, I am ordering a couple more of these short ones as well as a couple of the longer 3 meter version (they are very affordable, after all), shown below.

Spring Coiled USB 2.0 to Micro USB Data/Sync/Charger/Cable (3M, Black)
Spring Coiled USB 2.0 to Micro USB Data/Sync/Charger/Cable (3M, Black)

We all need the right tools, and let's face it, no matter how wireless we get, there will always be wires (especially USB cables) because they are so necessary.  Even if we have a wireless charger, we may well need a USB cable for the charger, after all.  And I like to have constant power to my continuously recording dash cams over relying on having to recharge their batteries all the time.

While I am an affiliate, but I doubt if I will get rich linking to these product pages.  ;)  Blogger prevents me from using their photos and affiliate system, so all of these photos are mine, taken by me with a Google Pixel XL.

I have already ordered the 10 foot spring coiled black USB to USB-C cable and some HDMI stuff, now.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Identity

We are switching gears, tonight.

After selling the domain name,, I used the blog's sub domain ( for this blog's home web address.  But last week I acquired a new domain name, www.Handheld.Tools, and I feel that this blog will be perfect for it.  

I have already been reviewing and discussing business applications here, so now it is high time to recommend my favorite handheld devices, and apps on a grand scale.  

I plan to review smart phones, tablets, PDAs, their installed and available applications, as well as possibly hit on some of the handheld device programming tools while I venture down that road and learn them myself.

I will readily admit that I am an elder blogger, my father and brother laughed and scoffed at me when I told them that one day we would all own more than one computer (even carry them around).  That was back when computers required a dedicated climate controlled space the size of a large room.  But I knew what was coming.

My advanced age, and the fact that I have been a GUI designer, aficionado and critic of OSes and all UI systems for nearly 20 years now (Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, Unix, Windows), which makes me somewhat of a skeptic over the learned touch user interface, but I have been using it with smart phones, tablets and other devices for over 4 years, now.

My seniority does offer its own unique look through an experienced eye trained to spot the details many others have missed.  My outlook is unique and I am picky.  

I currently have experience with (own or have access to) the following handheld devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (Android Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Samsung Galaxy S IV (Android Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Samsung TrakFone (TrakFone's proprietary OS)
  • Motorola Droid X (Android)
  • PDA (Dead Palm PDA)
  • iPad (iOS, version 1 tablet)
  • Asus Transformer TF301 (Dead Android tablet)
  • Polaroid T10 (worthless Android 10" tablet)
  • Polaroid T7 (useless Android 7" internet tablet)
  • Chromebook (small Chrome OS laptop unit)

The one device I do not any experience with is the BlueBerry, so I would like to see one of those and get a feel for it.  I do have experience with the old Amiga computer platform OS, so I would love to see its incarnation and implementation with the new mobile device and gaming platforms.  I also have experience on many computer platforms, as well [with the Amiga (versions 1.x/2.x/3.x/4), as mentioned, with the Commodore (64/128), Linux (RedHat), Macintosh System 7/8 and MacOS X, Unix (AIX) and Windows (3.1/95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7)].

If you would dare to allow your handheld device or application reviewed by myself (I will not hold back - I expect a lot - lots more than I have seen to this date with most devices and apps, especially with cameras), you can contact me via or through my Google+ profile and submit it for review.

I will also accept suggestions on reviewing free apps.

Thanks for understanding the branding switch.   It seems that the new domain will be much easier to remember and have great brand staying power.  I hope you find it as easy to remember and visit (time and time again).